KB Generator

North Korean Researcher Sentenced To Death
After Trying To Save The World
From Energy Suppression

*This controversial video, secretly recorded on March 2017, in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea...Reveals the death sentence of a Korean-American researcher named Kyung Byong-soo.

Rumors say that Kim Jong-un was full of rage and ordered Kyung's death himself...Truly an act that exposes the ruthlessness of this Dictator.

The reason of Kyung Byong’s death sentence is so revolting and horrifying, that it will shake you off...

The Pyongyang trial court officials accused Kyung of treason, espionage, providing energy secrets and nuclear information to the enemy...

But the real story behind this indictment is that he was trying to offer the world a better way to live, thinking outside the North Korea’s manipulative regime...

Kyung’s real intentions were to fight for a future in which the power of monopolistic companies does not exist and to offer every human being, no matter what country they live in (Korea, America, Russia…) a chance to become energy independent.

His vision was beyond North Korea’s manipulative regime

He understood that the power companies are doing whatever it takes to maintain supremacy over the people all around the world and force them to depend on the energy they offer...

The same way that North Korea’s regime is suppressing the freedom and even the life of every citizen of this country.

Now you are probably asking yourself who Kyung Byong was...And how is it possible for a man that was trying nothing more than to offer the world the much desired energy independence, to be executed...

If you stay with me till the end of this short and controversial presentation, you will understand why this information is so valuable and how you can become energy independent too after you'll see this…...

So pay attention, because what you'll discover here you won't find anywhere else...

*Until Now Even Leaders Like Obama and Trump Struggled To Keep This Secret Under Military Grade Encryption...That’s the importance level of the information that you’ll discover in this presentation.

*Kyung Byong-soo, born in 1948, was one of the smartest people North Korea has ever had. Being inspired by inventors like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin, he has developed a tremendous passion for Alternative Energy, Chemistry and Physics.

His passion became reality when he joined the Energy Research Institute of Pyongyang. Here, he discovered one of the greatest secrets North Korea has ever had...A huge device that was meant to power the military facilities in case of war.

Because Kyung’s ideas were beyond what the strict North Korean regime allowed, he took a blueprint of this device…not for himself, as some people might think, but actually, to make the lives of his family members and people all around the world easier.

Knowing that the authorities will most likely find out about his “crime” brought to the regime, he decided to leave the country in order to save his beloved ones from the “tyrant’s ruthlessness”.

After saying goodbye to his family, he took the blueprint and went directly to the border to South Korea, having no clue what the future might bring.

His "gates to freedom" were open after bribing a soldier from the border as he managed to reach South Korea. Here, he continued his researches on alternative energy and realized that the North Korean regime is manipulating and brainwashing people through massive lies.

The North Korea’s regime left him with the impression that everything outside its borders is evil...that all country leaders are starving their people and keeping them in darkness, just like North Korea does.

After spending more than a year in South Korea, he took advantage of some favorable circumstances to expand his area of research, by traveling to U.S.

After realizing the big opportunities that lied ahead of him, he decided to remain in U.S. and continue his research in the "Land of Opportunities".

His family meant everything to him and he never stopped struggling to create opportunities for them to flee from North Korean’s oppressive regime…

Regime that does nothing than rationing the food, severely limiting the human rights and keeping it's citizens in total darkness, every day, after 10:00 P.M.

Few know that North Korea’s people had to deal with the crude reality, because the lights go off every night after 10:00 P.M and sometimes, when the leader feels that the country needs to lower the costs, he orders power blackouts for the whole country for days, even weeks, leaving millions of Koreans in total darkness.

Imagine yourself living in completely darkness for days with your family, without having the possibility to use those household appliances that can save you from starvation, coldness and so on...

One of Kyung biggest concerns was to get his family across the border, but after many failed attempts and dangerous situations, such as when his brother was almost killed by the army and his family was almost imprisoned, he gave up on this idea.

But he promised his family to do everything in his power to save them, at least from that ruthless energy suppression imposed by the Korean regime.

That’s how Kyung’s concern was directed at the in-depth research of alternative energy.

He didn’t lose hope and he struggled for months to create a device based on the blueprints from North Korea’s research institute...

Device that could save his family from Korean frequent energy blackouts...

The main obstacle was that his project had to be the perfect device, a device that can be sneaked across the border, can work in every weather condition, its power source had to be endless and it had to be easy to build.

That’s because if he could not get the device across the border to his family...His brother and his father should be able to build the device even though they have zero experience in this area.

Kyung never lost hope and every time he had the chance to talk with his family on the phone...
Even if sometimes he was clueless about his next steps towards building the device to suit all needs...
He assured his family that it’s almost done and he will soon save them from energy suppression.

Kyung’s strong and ambitious character helped him to make this device after years of failed attempts.

After ensuring that the device meets all the requirements for providing an endless supply of free energy and, thus, making the life of his family easier...

His attention turned to try to cross the border into North Korea, together with the device.

This was the moment when Kyung’s destiny took a sudden turn...

Unfortunately, Kyung's attempt to cross the border, together with the device, cost him his freedom and after all, his life.

He was caught by the North Korean army and his device was taken away from him together with the backup plans for the device...and when his intentions were discovered, his whole family was imprisoned.

Two days after that, he was standing in the sentence court in Pyongyang, in front of the dreadful leader Kim Jong-un, receiving his death sentence.

However, this does not represent the end of this ingenious device...The blueprints were left in U.S. by Kyung before his attempt to cross the border to North Korea.

How do I know this? I know it because the plans were left to me...

I was Kyung’s best friend and in the same time his neighbor and I know his life better than my own, because beside being an extremely smart man, he was also very kind and honest..

He often told me that I was like a brother to him and he was my best buddy...I sadly remember being surprised by the shocking and cruel stories told by my buddy regarding his life inside the regime...Something unimaginable for a human being to experience.

I really understood his struggle and how much he loved his family...

And before he left U.S., he came to me and said:
“My dear friend, I want to ask you something...You know my intention to make this device public to the world and you know how much I’ve tried to make this device as perfect as possible...And now I did it...

So, the time has come for me to go save my family from the energy suppression. If anything happens to me and I can’t come back to U.S., I want you to keep the plans for the device together with my house keys. In the basement, I have a prototype of the device, so you can carry on my wish to help all the people on this planet to achieve energy independence.”

That was the last time I saw my best friend face to face...

After I saw that he was sentenced to death, all I could do was to carry his work and take it to the next level.

So, without losing time, I asked one of my friends who lives near Texas, and who is a DIY enthusiast, to help me test the prototype left by Kyung is his basement, because, I must confess, I have never been skilled in this area.

For the next month, after testing the device on different types of household appliances (Plasma TV, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, AC units, coffee machine) and many more...I was able to take advantage of Kyung’s miraculous device by powering my entire 3-bedroom house.

That’s how I realized that I can save the money that the BIG ENERGY COMPANY was squeezing from my pockets.

I was completely shocked to see that after one month of using this device, my electricity bill dropped seriously from at least $100 that I was paying monthly, to just $27...

Speechless is little said about how I felt when I saw my bill...and all this, thanks to Kyung’s unique device...I was finally energy independent.

I realized that Kyung’s device was a real “energy treasure” and because I made a promise to Kyung before his tragic death, I had to carry on his legacy.

That’s how...

KB Generator

...was born.

An energy device that can power up any type of household appliances from different type of lamps and bulbs to plasma TVs, refrigerators and AC Units.

Is very light and portable and you can take it anywhere with you...even when you go camping with your family in the wilderness, you can have your own free energy source.

Kyung managed to make this device very easy to build and very complex at the same time and because of that, you should be able to build this device for yourself in less than 3-4 hours.

And the best part is that you can build this device for under $115 in total costs, if you order everything online...

That's less than you are paying for a month of electricity in the summer, knowing you have to leave the AC Unit on "forever" to get some comfort during those hot days.

But I’m pretty sure that you already have some of the parts required for this device in your garage and you can cut the building price to less than $60-$70.

Let me explain you the working principle of this device:

This device is using Radiant Energy as an endless source.

Radiant Energy is the energy of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation, and all this IMMENSE amount of energy emanates from all across the universe.

This will shock you, but only about .000000045% from the Radiant Energy reaches Earth…and that’s because most of this energy passes by the Earth, or is reflected by the Earth’s ionosphere and is lost forever into space.

Even so, this energy is enough to light about one million-watt lamps for every human being on the Earth today.

KB Generator is capturing this energy that is actually “being delivered” to everyone’s doorstep for free.

Try to imagine Kyung’s unique device powering your entire House...

No more throwing your hard earned money out the window on those huge electricity bills, no more nightmares about the watts consumed at the end of the month during those hot summer days, after using the AC units.

Having this whole energy at your disposal is really an incredible feeling, the feeling of independence. You don’t have to believe a word from what I’m saying...you’ll convince yourself in a few moments.

You may wanna take notes, because what you will see next will really shock you...

Here is a short demo of Kyung’s device and how it can produce energy using nothing else than “Thin Air”

Remember, this is just a small scale of the Kyung’s device, but you can easily power up different types of household appliances with it.

Of course, you can scale up this device and get more energy to power up larger electrical consumers like: radiators, AC units, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and so on...

Your wife and kids will really love this device, because using it you’ll be able to offer them that desired free source of energy, anytime and anywhere.

Until now, more than 37.459 people are using this device to power up their homes, people that feel the “taste of energy independence"...Today you can become one of them.

Here’s what some other people say about this device:

"Hi. My name is Brian, and I’m 52. I really want to thank you for this. Your device is very easy to build and I've managed to cut my bills seriously after just 60 days of having this amazing device. Until now, I wasn’t able to take advantage of my life together with my family, because of my high bills. Every month I was struggling to save as much money as possible for those huge bills that I was paying. But now, after I've build this device, my life changed completely and I am able to save serious money...money that I spend with my beautiful wife and kids now...My words are just not enough to thank you."

Brian Watson

Texas, USA

And another email from Mark, who wrote:

“Hi guys, I was completely shocked to see that this really works. I was a little skeptical at the beginning and I thought that this is just another program that will not be able to help me produce not even a single watt. To my surprise, I started to see the results immediately after building this device. I’m glad that you are helping people through your program, and all I can do is congratulate you for doing this. God bless you!

Mark Grayson

Calgary, Canada

This is the reason why you need to have KB Generator Today!

With a device like this, you will never think of going solar, because it has a triple efficiency and you will never need to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels and receive just a 22.5% maximum energy efficiency...

...Also, let’s not forget about those cloudy and rainy days and the risk of solar panels being blown away by strong winds or tornadoes.

This device is silent, has no emissions and it works in any weather conditions.

It doesn’t matter if outside is a hot summer or a cold winter, you will still be able to slash your bills by at least 72%.

Kyung’s blueprints for this device were designed in such a way so anyone can build it, without being an expert in this area...Even if you haven’t built anything in your entire life.

All you need is a cup of coffee and 3-4 hours at your disposal in order to build this light and portable device.

This is how you can get your own copy of this Revolutionary Device

This is a great chance for you to get the KB Generator and you really need to act fast on this one...And that’s because I don’t know for how long I will be able to keep this site running.

And that’s because the greedy BIG ENERGY MONOPOLIES, don’t want you to know this world-wide valuable information...This could mean millions of dollars taken away from their pockets. And they are trying everything possible to take this site down.

I am trying to keep this site running as much as I can and help as many people as possible to become energy independent with Kyung’s ingenious device.

At least that’s what I can do in exchange for the legacy I received from him, that also helped me become energy independent and say goodbye to those high electricity bills.

And after all, this was a promise that I’ve made to my genius friend and neighbor.

Take a look below and see how you can get your hands on KB Generator Blueprints

You will receive the blueprints of this device, together with a building video guide, both in digital format.

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Now you are probably asking yourself how much will you have to pay for the KB Generator Blueprints

This device meant a lot for Kyung and it means a lot for me, because it was the escape from the Big Energy Supremacy.

And because of that, I’m not asking you to invest a fortune in this device...
Even though I could easily ask for at least $700, and this only by thinking at the practicability of this device.

But no...I’m not going to ask you to invest that amount. In fact, I will not even ask for $300, $200 or even $150 for Kyung’s device.

All I’m asking for KB Generator is $59, and the reason why I’m asking for this amount is just to keep Kyung’s legacy alive...so that every people around the world may have a chance of becoming energy independent.

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Actually...the price shouldn’t be a concern for you at all

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Imagine yourself receiving the monthly electricity bills, but for your surprise all of them being negative amounts thanks to this ingenious device.

That’s a lot of money saved monthly. Imagine using this money for vacations or for taking out your wife every evening to that favorite restaurant that you both like

After getting the KB Generator blueprints, I want you to understand something extremely important...the real struggle behind the creation of this device and the importance of one man’s hard work to help the whole world kick the greedy Big Energy Companies out of their homes.

Honestly, the way I see it...You will completely love this device after you’ll build it...

Because, you’ll realize that no matter if outside is freezing cold or a terrible heat you WILL be able to power up your entire home, without even thinking at those huge monthly bills..

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There are three things that you can do next...

First one is to do like some people do: nothing, pray that something good will happen, and leave this presentation behind hoping that maybe your next electricity bill will not give you a stroke when you open the envelope.

Get angry when you receive that monthly bill and see that it’s actually even bigger than the one in the previous month.

You can sweat all the way through the summer and freeze all the way through the winter hoping that you can save a couple of lousy watts at the end of the month.

The second one is to try and build a device like this by yourself thinking that somehow you’ll find a way to generate power for your house from what you’ve learned today.

Let’s be honest!

Would you rather spend months on trying to reinvent the light bulb instead of simply using one already invented?

Kyung spent years of study to make this device work and fit all the needs in order to save his family from energy suppression.

Plus, you’ll have to make test after test until you succeed building the device. And for this, you’ll need to buy different parts, that you’ll most likely not need...That is gonna cost you A LOT of money until you’ll figure it out.

That’s why you should really consider the third thing...

You can do what more than 37.459 people already did. Take your digital copy of the KB Generator and experience together with your family, the amazing feeling of being energy independent.

If you are still not convinced that this device can save you from the Big Energy Monopolies and offer you the Energy Independence that you always desired...

I’ll answer a few questions that you are probably asking yourself right now...questions that I received from general public.

1. Why don’t many people use this device?

There are more than 37.459 people that are enjoying life using KB Generator device to power their homes.
They know that this is not something that you should scream about in the middle of the street...so they live their peaceful lives knowing that they won’t have to pay a red cent to the Electric Companies anymore.

2. How difficult is to build it?

You will need less than 30 minutes to watch the building instructions video and the blueprints of KB Generator device. Next, you’ll need another 3 hours to work on the building process...After that, you can say hello to your energy independence.

3. How much will I have to spend on parts?

You’ll need around $70 worth of parts to set up the KB Generator device, at a small scale. You can find these parts in ANY Electronics Store.

If you need more electricity, you can always scale up this device. For this, you’ll need more expensive parts. Even so, you’ll be surprised to see that you can easily supply your house with free energy for less than $150...That's really a bargain, knowing that you'll be energy independent for life.

4. Where do I get the parts from?

You will receive a list of suppliers from where you’ll be able to take these parts at a cost next to nothing. You may even have some of the parts that you need to build this device in your garage, without even knowing...and this will help you seriously reduce the building costs.

You Are One Step Away From Being Energy Independent

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